Transportation of Chestnuts to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth Markets from North East Victoria will also be reported on.

All the very best for the 2023 Harvest!



Below are the completed charts indicating the 2023 Average Weekly Wholesale Market Prices and Tonnages transported from NE Victoria. Data was collected by Chestnuts Australia Inc. from a number of sources.

Charts 1 to 4 show the prices achieved across the season within each of the wholesale markets reported on.

Chart 1

Chart 2

Chart 3

Chart 4

Chart 5 is information gathered from the major transport company from NE Victoria ONLY. (This is not the complete numbers for Australia).

Chart 5

Based on the assumption that 70% of Australian Chestnut production comes from NE Victoria if we extrapolate forward, then the estimated total Australian Chestnut Production for 2023 was at least 1,255 tonnes.