Transportation of Chestnuts to Sydney Markets from North East Victoria will be reported and updated every Wednesday afternoon during the peak period of the 2009 Season.

 Delivery days:

Sydney – Tuesday & Saturday 

Amounts of Chestnuts transported to Sydney Markets

Courtesy Evan Taylor Transport, Beechworth


Wednesday 6th May

(Please note this is the final report for the 2009 season)

Quality of nuts reported coming into the Market is still excellent.  Prices are slightly up this week.

Varieties:  Purtons Pride, Red Spanish, some De Coppi

Prices:  L1 $5 – $4.50  L2 $6 – $6.50  L3 $8 (Prices $2 -$10 Average over all $5)

Tuesday 5/5/09 – 8 tonne

Saturday 2/5/09 – 11.370 tonnes


Wednesday 29th April

Quaility of nuts coming into the Market is reported as still being very good, they are yet to see rain affected nuts in the Market.  There are still a lot of nuts in the Market with not much coming in, so this reflects a slow week.

Varieties:  Purton’s, Red Spanish, De Coppi

Prices:  $2 – $10 averaging $5

Tuesday 28/4/09 – 4.1 tonnes

Saturday 25/4/09 – 14.2 tonnes


Wednesday 22nd April

The Markets were reporting good sales on Monday with one wholesaler selling 4 tonne of his 6.5 tonne delivery easily.  Prices are still holding but the feeling is they will slide gradually from here.  It has been noted that quantities have been down across the board 30% – 50%.


Varieties:  Last of the Buffalo Queen in the Market Monday.  De Coppi in Monday.  Red Spanish.

Sizes:  Average L1 – L2.  Average Buffalo Queen – Standard – L1

Prices:  Small $4.50  L1 $5 -$5.50  L2 $6 -$7  L3 $8  L4 $10

Tuesday 21/4/09 – 7.7 tonnes

Saturday 18/4/09 – 18 tonne

Wednesday 16th April

The Markets are reporting good quantities and quality chestnuts arriving almost on a daily basis.  Demand is good and prices are holding up.

Varieties available:  Red Spanish, De Coppi, Purton’s Pride

Size:  Red Spanish average L2

Price:  $3 – $10 (L4)

It was also noticeable to the wholesalers that the growers were following best practice protocol, maintaining the cool chain and were obviously conscience of sending a top quality product to the Market. 

Tuesday 14/4/09 – 10 tonne

Sunday 12/4/09 – 10.5 tonnes

Tuesday 7/4/09 – 10.5 tonnes

Saturday 4/4/09 – 9 tonne