Transportation of Chestnuts to Melbourne Markets from North East Victoria will be reported and updated every Friday morning during the peak period of the 2009 Season.

 Delivery days:

Melbourne – Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday


Amounts of Chestnuts transported to Melbourne Markets

Courtesy Evan Taylor Transport, Beechworth


Friday 8th May, 2009

(Please note this is the final report for the 2009 season)

The Market has reported that nuts had sold better this week with prices trying to improve.  Quality was reported as still ok.

Varieties: Purtons Pride, Lucente, Red Spanish

Prices: Standard $3.50  L1 $4.50  L2 $5.50  L3 $6.50  L4 $7.50

Thursday 7/5/09 – 5 tonne 

Tuesday 5/5/09 – 1 tonne

Sunday 3/5/09 – 6 tonne


Friday 1st May, 2009

The Market has reported that the quality of nuts this year has been as good as they have ever seen, particularly the De Coppi.  Volumes have been down this week due to the rain in NE Victoria.  Market dragging its feet with prices a little lower than last week.

Varieties:  Purtons Pride, Red Spanish, De Coppi

Prices:  Small $1 – $1.20  Medium $2 – $2.50  Standard $3.50  L1$4.50  L2 $5.50  L3 $6.50  L4 $7.50

Thursday 30/5/09 – 4.63 tonnes

Tuesday 28/4/09 – Nil

Sunday 26/4/09 – 3.8 tonnes


Friday 24th April, 2009 

Quality of nuts still reported as being excellent!  It was anticipated it would be a slow week for sales in Melbourne which proved to be the case.  Prices have slipped back slightly.  It is hoped the predicted cold snap will improve sales next week.

Varieties: Last of the Knox from the Silvan area.  Red Spanish, Purtons Pride, De Coppi

Prices:  Small $1.20  Medium $1.50 – $2  Standard $3.50  L1 $4.50  L2 $5.50  L3 $6.50  L4 $7.50


Thursday 23/4/09 – 2.285 tonnes

Tuesday 21/4/09 – 3.7 tonnes

Sunday 19/4/09 – 3.8 tonnes


Friday 17th April, 2009

Quantities of chestnuts going to market to this point has been down on previous years but the quality has been reported as excellent!  Buffalo Queen was an early variety in the market along with early Knox, with a very good run on Bouche this year.  Red Spanish is in the market now along with a few Marone and De Coppi.

Prices: Sm/Med/Standard/Large up to $6 with this price range selling well.  L2 – L4 $7 – $10 but resistance being shown in this price range.


Thursday 16/4/09 – 2.4 tonnes

Tuesday 14/4/09 – 3.4 tonnes 

Sunday 12/4/09 – 2.9 tonnes

Wednesday 8/4/09 – 3.7 tonnes

Sunday 5/4/09 – 4.6 tonnes