Transportation of Chestnuts to Sydney Markets from North East Victoria will be reported and updated every Wednesday afternoon of the 2008 Season.


Delivery days:

Sydney – Tuesday & Saturday

Chestnuts transported to Sydney Markets

Courtesy Peter Deith, Evan Taylor Transport, Beechworth

Monday 12/5/08 As of today the posting of Wholesale Markets Repots has ended for the 2008 season.  We hope that you have benefited and enjoyed this provision from CAI.


Tuesday 6/5/08                         4 tonne

Saturday 3/5/08                         6 tonne

Note:  Agents stated they felt peak period was over.  Many nuts that will come through now will be those that have been stored.

Varieties – Red Spanish, De-Coppi, Purtons

Prices – Over all up – Small$3 – L4Plus$10-$12


Tuesday 29/4/08                        2 tonne

Saturday 26/4/08                       8 tonne

Prices – Marginally better than last week Medium $3 – L4$8

Variety – Purtons Pride

Average Weekly Prices Week Ending 2/5/08 – Small$2.25  Medium$2.50  Standard$4  L1$3  L2$6.10  L3$7  L4$8.50



Tuesday 22/4/08                    12.8 tonne 

Saturday 19/4/08                   17.4 tonne

Prices – Medium $2.50  Standard $3-$3.50  L1$4-$5  L2$5-$5.50  L3$6-$7  L4$8-$9

Variety – Purtons Pride, Red Spanish, De-Coppi

Average Prices Week Ending 24/4/08 – Small$2.25  Medium$3.25  Standard$2.50  L1$3  L2$5  L3$6  L4$7

Note – Agents stated that due to short week, rain and school holidays things had been very quiet in the Market this week.  It is anticipated that things would improve in the next couple of weeks.


Tuesday 15/4/08                       14 tonne

Satuday 12/4/08                       27 tonne

Prices – Med $2.50  Standard $3.50  L1$4.50  L2$5.50 – Larger nuts fetching up to $8

Variety – Purtons Pride, Red Spanish, De coppi

Average Weekly Prices Week Ending 18/4/08 – Small $2.25  Medium $3.05  Standard $2.90  L1$4.50  L2$5.60  L3$6.70 L4$8.50


Saturday 5/4/08                        22 tonne

Tuesday 8/4/08                      12.5 tonne

Prices this week – overall were down by 10% as Market intake up by 30%

Med $3  Standard $4  L1 $5  L2 $5.50-$6  L3 $7-$8  L4 $8-$10

Variety – Prices quoted on Buffalo Queen, Nox,Spanish Red, Purtons and De-Coppi

Average Prices Week Ending 11/4/08 – Small$2.25   Meduim$3   Standard$3.25   L1$5   L2$7   L3$8   L4$9

Note – Last Saturday saw the largest delivery yet to Sydney Markets this season.  All stocks are moving nicely as weather has cooled.  NSW School Holidays start this Friday so Agents feel there will be an across the board slowing of the market.


Saturday 29/3/08                   12.3 tonnes

Tuesday 1/4/08                      10.1 tonnes

Prices this week:  Med $2.50-$3  Standard $3-$4  L1 $5  L2 $5.50-$6  L3$7-$8  L4 $9-$10

Variety – Prices quoted on Buffalo Queen, Red Spanish around the same per kilo, some April Gold still coming through plus a few Purtons Pride

Note – Agents noted increased intake, still very warm in Sydney but product moving.  Smaller nuts moving this week, sizes in middle slowing.

Saturday 22/3/08                   12.3 tonnes

Tuesday 25/3/08                         5 tonnes

Prices are currently attracting between $3-$6 and up to $7 for L2

Variety – Buffalo Queen (tail end), Morina, April Gold (not many) and Red Spanish



Saturday 15/3/2008              14 tonnes

Tuesday 18/3/2008               10 tonnes

Prices are currently attracting between $10 – $14 for larger choice nuts

Variety – Mainly Buffalo Queen

Note – 20/3/08 Prices have come down due to short week Med $3  Standard $4  L1 $5  L2 $6  L3 $7 
L4 Earlier in week fetching $8-$9