Transportation of Chestnuts to Melbourne Markets from North East Victoria will be reported and updated every Friday morning of the 2008 Season. 


Chestnuts transported to Melbourne Markets

Courtesy Peter Deith, Evan Taylor Transport, Beechworth 

Delivery Days – Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

Monday 12/5/08 As of today the posting of Wholesale Markets Repots has ended for the 2008 season. We hope that you have benefited and enjoyed this provision from CAI.

Wednesday 7/5/08                   .7 tonne 

Tuesday 6/5/08                         .3 tonne 

Sunday 4/5/08                         1.5 tonne

Note – Agents reported that mostly stored nuts are coming through the market now with good prices being achieved with stock moving nicely.  One Agent stated that he had been given rave reviews over the varitey “Stanley Red” with one Retailer stating “this is what we want”, very impressed.  Also the Market feel is as the weather is cooling and demand is up those sending to market now will fetch good prices.  Stock is only filtering in now, not the huge volumes of the last 3 weeks.  This week some Agents said demand was definately up,most sold out and could have sold more!

Prices – Standard$2-2.50  L1$3-5.50  L2$5-$6.50  L3$7-$8  L4$9-$10

Variety – Red Spanish, Purtons, De-Coppi, Stanley Red


Thursday 1/5/08                      2.5 tonne

Tuesday 29/4/08                        4 tonne

Sunday 27/4/08                          8 tonne 

Average Prices Week Ending 2/5/08 – Standard$4  L1$4.50  L2$5.50  L3$6.50  L4$7.50

Note – Agents still getting a lot of nuts through with rot.  One agent said it has been one of the worst years for this, with customers sending back goods.


Wednesday 23/4/08                  3 tonne

Tuesday 22/4/08                     1.8 tonne 

Sunday 20/4/08                       4.7 tonne

Average Prices Week Ending 24/4/08 – Standard$4  L1$4.50  L2$5.50  L3$6.50  L4$7.50


Thursday 17/4/08                    3.5 tonne 

Tuesday 15/4/08                     5.5 tonne

Sunday 13/4/08                          8 tonne

Prices – Medium $1.50  Standard $2-$3  L1$3.50-$4  L2 $4-$4.50  L3$5  L4$6  Purtons L4$7

Variety – Buffalo Queen, Red Spanish, Purtons starting to come through

Average Prices Week Ending 18/4/08 – Standard $4  L1$4.80  L2$5.80  L3$6.80  L4$7.80

Average Prices Quoted above on Buffalo Queen



Thursday 10/4/08                       4 tonne

Average Prices Week Ending 11/4/08 – Standard$4   L1$5   L2$6   L3$7   L4$8

Variety – Buffalo Queen



Tuesday 8/4/08                       4.9 tonne

Sunday 6/4/08                         5.5 tonne

Prices – Medium $1-$1.50  Standard $2   L1 $4   L2 $5-$6   L3 $6-$7

Variety – Spanish Red, Colossal


Wednesday 2/4/08                     1 tonneThursday 3/4/08                          3 tonne

Prices – Red Spansish L1 $3-$5  L2 $4-$6  L3 $5-$7  L4 $8  Buffalo Queen L1 $3.50-$4

Medium and Standards have been selling between $3-$3.50 and some as low as $2 to move

Variety – Red Spanish, Colossal, Buffalo Queen

Note – One Agent noted that quite a few smaller nuts are coming through black inside.

Chestnuts struggling in Melbourne this week due to hot weather and some poor quality coming through, although another agent said the Buffalo Queen received this week was the best yet.


Sunday 30/3/08                       7.5 tonne

Note – Complaints continue about some product coming into Melbourne Wholesale and Retail Markets.


Thursday 27/3/08                       3 tonne

Prices – Red Spanish L1 $5  L2 $5.50-$6  L3 $7  L4 $8  Buffalo Queen/Early Nox L1 $4  L2 $4.50  L3 $5  L4 $5.50

Note – Agents all made mention of the need to keep up standard to be able move the product and keep customers coming back.  One agent refused delievery of substandard product.


Monday 24/3/08 (due to Easter)6 tonne

Prices – Standard $2.50-$3  L1 $3-$3.50  L2 $4-$4.50  L3 $5-$6

Variety – Red Spanish, Colossal, Buffalo Queen

Note – One Agent stated Small & Medium Nuts great difficulty in moving, not even for $1