12/5/08 As of today the posting of Wholesale Markets Repots has ended for the 2008 season.  We hope that you have benefited and enjoyed this provision from CAI.

7/5/08 1 tonne 

6/5/08 1 tonne 

1/5/08  1 tonne 

29/4/08 1 tonne

Average Price Week Ending 2nd May – Medium$3.50   Standard$6  L4$9

22/4/08 1 tonne 

20/4/08 1 tonne 

Average Price Week Ending 24th April – Medium$2.70  Standard$5  L4$9

1 tonne transported from North East Victoria with an average of 2 tonnes over the previous 3 weeks.

Average Prices Week Ending 18/4/08 – Medium/Standard $5-7  L4$9


11/4/2008 Chestnuts in the Adelaide Markets are only just starting to come through from local sources due to the heat and no rainfall in Feburary and March.  Most Chestnuts being sold have been sourced from Victoria.


One Agent so far has sold 1 tonne of April Gold – Mediums and Standards from between $4 – $6

Another Agent stated that due to the heat and no rain sales were slow.  2,000 kg had passed through his agency, mainly Spanish Red, Marone, Buffalo Queen. 

Prices were attracting – Mediums $4   Standards $5   L1$6   L2$6

Average Prices Week Ending 11/4/08 – $5.40 – $8.10