General FAQ

Q: ‘When I have cooked and peeled chestnuts for cooking, can they be stored overnight in the fridge?  Or is there an alternate method?’

A: After cooking and peeling chestnuts you can store them in an airtight container overnight for sure, for use the next day.  If you would like to store them for use in a few months time, they can be frozen.  In fact fresh chestnuts can be frozen also in an air tight container for use out of season, but these would not be good for roasting, but fine for boiling or the microwave.

Q: ‘Are there any retail suppliers of chestnut cutters (chestnut knives) and/or chestnut roasters?’

A: Cutting knives are available for purchase from and and scoring snips and roasting pans are available for sale from

For an electric equivalent of a roasting pan which does an excellent job go to 

Q: ‘I am looking for a supplier of chestnut seeds.’

A:  Seed is available in winter as fresh chestnuts.They must be hard and cold and kept cold for 6 to 8 weeks in a crisper ala plastic bag to prevent drying(stratification). Then planted out where ever. The resulting seedlings will grow into fine ornamental trees with nuts, but not true to type and will have to be grafted to wanted varieties, if desired.  Like all fagacea, seed must not dry out and will not keep any length of time unless held at critical moisture and temp.  Germination from long term storage can be problematic.