[Maria Pacini Fazzi editore, 1993] 

A collection of 140 chestnut recipes in English with the opposing page in Italian ranging from basic preparation to Sicilian rice and chestnut pudding. First course recipes include pasta, rice, flour and soups featuring chestnuts. Second course recipes range over much of what we would term “country” cooking utilising hare, turkey, pork and rabbit. Over half the recipes are listed as Desserts but include jam, biscuits, cakes as well as the usual sweet desserts such as a Swiss roll, mousse, suoffle and trifle. If you can’t find a recipe to suit here then sit back with a glass and toast the long tradition of the glorious chestnut [ first recipe in the book is Champagne with chestnuts! ] 

This book came to my attention through an email to our website from the Melbourne based Books for Cooks shop. Foodie bibliomaniacs will love the place!

Reviewed by Colleen Dibley, CAI Executive