2021 Chestnut Industry Field Day, Season Launch, Special General Meeting & Dinner

Date:            Friday 12th & Saturday 13th February 2021
Location:     Myrtleford & Surrounds, NE Victoria
Venue:         Club Savoy and several nearby Orchards

The next industry field day will overlap 2 days with all information prepared with chestnut growers in mind.  Co-ops have been discussed within the industry for many years, so on Friday 12th February 2021, Co-operative Farming will deliver an afternoon Facilitated Workshop on co-operatives. Let’s explore the value of a grower-owned co-op! Through Co-operative Farming, the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) proposes to work with chestnut growers so that they both understand the co-operative model and also explore how it might support growers to work together to build the profit and success of their own businesses.

Part 1: Co-ops 101 – Lets nut it out
This workshop will cover:

  • What is a co-operative?
  • Why and how are co-operatives different?

The differences between co-ops and other business structures (legal structure, co-op principles);

  • What it means to be a member of a co-op.
  • Case studies of agricultural co-ops (machinery rings, processing, marketing and distribution); and
  • The formation process and key requirements.

Part 2: Next Steps: Identifying opportunities for co-operation
After a break, growers will engage in facilitated discussions of what might be possible and explore why they might form a co-op (potential purpose and benefits). This will include breakout into smaller groups (e.g. to consider opportunities by industry) for part of the discussion.


For those who wish to meet for dinner on the Friday night an option is suggested on the flyer, but this is not part of the Field day registration package and would be an additional cost. Please refer to the flyer for further information.

Saturday 13th February kicks off early up in Stanley.  Then to Club Savoy, Myrtleford to discuss soil acidity & erosion, chestnut blight and kicking off the season, launching the industries marketing campaign. After lunch we will move into the CAI Special General meeting commencing at 12:45 pm. We then head out again to visit is to an established orchard near Myrtleford and to anther location to inspect a packing and grading shed.

Saturday nights dinner is part of the package, and will be held locally in Myrtleford, where we will enjoy some good old country hospitality!

Get in early to book accommodation, options are printed on the flyer.

Registration and payment are required by Friday 5th February 2021.  All other necessary details are contained within the flyer.

Payment options;
All cheques payable to Chestnuts Australia Inc.
If paying by EFT
Account name: Chestnuts Australia Inc.
WAW Credit Union BSB: 803 070
Account Number: 74674

Please download the flyer HERE

(Please note as of the 26/1/21, there has been a change to the times of activities)


Look forward to seeing you there!

Tanya Edwards – CAI Communications Officer

Thank you to our sponsors: