Continue to be vigilant
Even with the improved and stabilising situation, all must remain vigilant in what we do and cannot afford to become complacent or satisfied with what has been achieved. All businesses must continue to modify and adapt their mode of operation to ensure the health safety of all staff and customers and maintain the strict measures around social and physical distancing.

The appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for coronavirus (COVID-19) in the work environment
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Stimulus Package
Formal applications for the JobKeeper payment opened yesterday. If your business has been significantly impacted by the Coronavirus you will be able to access a wage subsidy to continue paying your employees. Under the JobKeeper program, you will be able to claim a fortnightly payment of $1,500 per eligible employee from 30 March 2020, for a maximum of six months.

The payment is taxable and is required to be reported as income. Your employees should be aware that this may affect other payments they receive for services. An overview of the JobKeeper payment has been prepared for industry businesses HERE.

To register for the payment, you need to log in via the ATO Business Portal using your MyGov ID. There are guides to support applicants available on the ATO website HERE.

State and Territory Governments are also preparing their own stimulus packages and you should refer to State Association for those details as well as seek your own professional advice in relation to your individual circumstances.

Administered by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), there are some key timelines that employers and employees need to be aware of in order to be eligible to receive the first round of payments from 4 May 2020. These are outlined below.

Key dates for employers
20 April 2020 • Enrolment opens for the JobKeeper payment.
26 April 2020 • Enrolment deadline to be eligible to receive first JobKeeper payment.
30 April 2020 • Deadline to pay your eligible employees for the first two JobKeeper fortnights (30 March – 12 April and 13 – 27 April).
• Deadline to notify your eligible employees and receive completed JobKeeper employee nomination notice from employees.
4 May 2020 • Applications open to claim the JobKeeper payment.

Key dates for employees
If your employer has notified you of their intent to claim the fortnightly JobKeeper payments of $1,500 on your behalf, you will be provided a JobKeeper employee nomination notice.

This form must be completed and returned to your employer by 30 April 2020 to be eligible for the first JobKeeper payment. If you have multiple jobs, you can only claim the JobKeeper payment from one employer.