Economic Response to the Coronavirus
The Australian economy is resilient and we are well placed to navigate the economic implications arising from the Coronavirus.

The Government has moved quickly to put in place health measures to protect the Australian community from this complex and rapidly evolving challenge.

The Government has announced an economic response totalling $17.6 billion across the forward estimates, representing 0.9 per cent of annual GDP. This package will protect the economy by maintaining confidence, supporting investment and keeping people in jobs. Additional household income and business support will flow through to strengthen the wider economy.

The Australian Government is acting decisively in the national interest to address the potentially significant economic consequences of the virus, without a permanent or structural impact on the budget balance.
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Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws
A range of information is available from the Fair Work Ombudsman site;

For example:
• Where can I get information on health and safety in the workplace?
• When can employers direct employees to stay away from their usual workplace under workplace health and safety laws?
• What happens if an employee or their family member is sick with coronavirus?
• What if an employee is stuck overseas or is required to be quarantined or to self-isolate?
• What if an employee wants to stay home as a precaution?
• What if an employer wants their employees to stay home as a precaution?
• When can employees work from home?
• What about casual employees and independent contractors?
• What if I cannot attend work because my child’s school is closed due to concerns about the coronavirus?
• What if I need to let employees go or reduce their working hours?
• Can employees be directed not to travel?

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